International Contemporary Art Festival STARTAS
24 rugpjūčio
August 24-29, 2020
Free entry
Pink horse?! Why not?

Whilst looking at a contemporary art creation, do you often wonder why artist sees one or another topic in this particular way? Perhaps after the show you think – what happened? You stand up and applaud the performer as the neighbour stood up?
Art can be as bold, elusive and shocking, it can be destructive, can encourage you to see various problems and their essence. Art asks the questions and you must find the answers yourself.
This year, the International Contemporary Art Festival STARTAS, invites spectators & participants to discuss, be brave and boldly expand personal horizons or just simply "tear down the curtains" and look for the answers together. At the festival, you will see the works of the Golden Stage Cross laureates, productions of the winners of various National awards and Lithuanian and foreign artists' works which are not afraid of challenges.

Festival program
August 24

1 PM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Small Hall


Lec. Paulius Prievelis

Improvisational composition during a performance – what is that? A sensory competence or just a matter of success? Are there certain methodologies and tools?
During the seminar-lecture, we will examine what compositional elements we could use to create an improvised dance performance. What compositional fulcrum prevails, how can such performance maintain its structure and not "collapse".

Paulius Prievelis is a freelance dancer, creator and teacher who specializes in contemporary dance and pays a lot of attention to improvisation during his performance.

Duration – 120 min.

Paulius Prievelis / Photo: BlackStig
August 25

10 AM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Small Hall

Practical workshop DIALOGUE IN SPACE

Lec. Dain Dieva (LT)

In this workshop, movement and voice practice is designed to explore and experience another person in a shared space. Aimed audience: art educators who are interested in learning a new way to create a performance in a group, collaborating with others, or in a public space.

Participants should come dressed in comfortable clothes and bring water.

Daina Pupkevičiūtė, sound and performance artist, educator, and art curator, will lead this session.

Duration - 90 min.

Dain Dieva

At Midday Next to coffee „Pupelė“


A cycle of online shows designed to get to know Festival Creative Residency artists and their artwork as well as a presentation of Ilia Shatokhin (RU), short film ROKIŠKIS (International Contemporary Art Festival Startas 2019 residency program).

Broadcast - Online News Portal

Duration - 13 min.

August 26

At Midday Next to coffee „Pupelė“


A cycle of online shows designed to get to know Festival Creative Residency artists and their artwork as well as a presentation of Ilia Shatokhin (RU), short film ROKIŠKIS (International Contemporary Art Festival Startas 2019 residency program).

Broadcast - Online News Portal

Duration - 13 min.

8 PM Rokiskis Regional Musuem Grand Hall

Dance performance X AND FUTURE X

We are real people with the real experiences. We are stuck. We are the problem. Stay present because we are you. It‘s a work in progress.

X and future X

Choreography & performance - Blake Seidel (USA) / Lukas Karvelis (LT) ir Ema Senkuvienė (LT).
Music - CoH - Vivid, Hildegard von Bingen, Anonymous 4 – Responsory: O felix anima, Demdike Stare
Premiere - 16 Nov., 2018, Vinius, dance research platform Bites.

Duration - 35 min.

9 PM Rokiškis Regional Musuem Park, behind the Mannor (Rokiškis Regional Musuem Grand Hall)


Dir. Dalius Kalinauskas (LT)
Production – Vilnius city dance theatre LowAir

"WE ARE IMMORTAL - I know it sounds like a joke." J.C.

Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre presents an innovative live dance installation which became a full dance film.

The performance and a film revolving around the game perspective, inviting the audience to witness the collision of reality and dreams. The spectator feels as in particular situation, considers the relationship with others and themselves. Subtle feelings interfere with fiction and magic while becoming an inevitable element of movement and view.

Cortázar has this magical realism which inspired artists’ imagination for a long time. Writer’s stories particularly vivid, and they have become a map for our motion and choreography, along with the possible storyline for the dream and reality.

Premiere - 2020
Idea - Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius
Director - Dalius Kalinauskas
Camera operator - Antanas Skridaila
Choreography and performance - Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius
Composer and performance - Adas Gecevičius
Costume design - Lauryna Liepaitė
Editors - Dalius Kalinauskas, Antanas Skridaila
Production - Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre

Duration – 35 min.

Photo: Laura Vansevičienė

August 27

At Midday Next to coffee „Pupelė“


A cycle of online shows designed to get to know Festival Creative Residency artists and their artwork as well as a presentation of Ilia Shatokhin (RU), short film ROKIŠKIS (International Contemporary Art Festival Startas 2019 residency program).

Broadcast - Online News Portal

Duration - 13 min.

9.30 PM Rokiškis Culture Center Square

Film PARASITE (N-16)

Dir. Bong Joon-ho (KR)

Ki–Taek family may be strong as a fist, but they live in a cramped basement, surrounded by poverty and no future ahead of them. On the other end of the city, the family of powerful businessman Park leads a prosperous life in their luxurious villa. After an unexpected stroke of luck the eldest son of Ki-Taek takes on a role of a private tutor for Park's teenage daughter. It gives birth to a selfish plan that should end family's struggle. Wild chain of events will intertwine the lives of two families for ever.

"Thanks to his masterful direction, Bong Joon-ho's relevant political messages unwrap in thought provoking but also highly entertaining form. He calls it "a comedy without clowns and a tragedy without villains". Class struggle becomes an accelerating power pushing the narrative towards the explosive pay off." (Aistė Račaitytė)

Director(s) - Bong Joon-ho
Screenwriter(s) - Bong Joon-ho, Han Jin Won
Actors - Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, Park So-Dam, Lee Jung-Eun, Chang Hyae-Jin
Producer(s) - Kwak Sin-ae, Jang Young-Hwan, Moon Yang-Kwon, Bong Joon-ho
Cinematographer - Hong Kyung-pyo
Editor(s) - Yang Jinmo
Sound - Choi Tae-young
Composer(s) - Jung Jae Il
Sales agent - CJ Entertainment
Distributor - Kino Pavasaris Distribution
Translation - Martynas Šiaučiūnas-Kačinskas
Dialogues - Korean
Subtitles - English, Lithuanian (Vilnius, Forum Cinemas Kaunas)

Duration – 132 min.

August 28

At Midday Next to coffee „Pupelė“


A cycle of online shows designed to get to know Festival Creative Residency artists and their artwork as well as a presentation of Ilia Shatokhin (RU), short film ROKIŠKIS (International Contemporary Art Festival Startas 2019 residency program).

Broadcast - Online News Portal

Duration - 13 min.

5.30 PM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Square (Culture Center of Rokiškis Small Hall)


An online show - discussion about professional contemporary art, unique and modern ways of its expression and the artist relationship with the viewer. During the show, we will listen to different opinions from various field professionals; discuss how the artist's works reflect his and society's values.

Broadcast - Online News Portal

Participants: sound designer, educator Daina Dieva, Vilniaus city Dance Theatre „Low Air“, sound designer & performer Simonas Nekrošius, dancer & dance teacher Ieva Lapelytė, PhD Aušra Malkevičiūtė, Senior Culture Specialist of Rokiškis Disrict Municipality - Irena Matelienė and others.
Moderator: Inga Rancova, representative of the National Institute for Social Integration

Duration - 90 min.

Inga Rancova

7 PM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Grand Hall

Short film I LET HER OUT

Dir. Rūta Pakalne (EE)

I Let Her Out is a documentary film cantered around the drag performer Joosep Jürgenson and his stage persona Ursula. It explores the relationship of these two characters who share the same body, but live quite different lives. Who is Ursula? Is she an extravagant character; a fruit of someone’s vivid and scandalous imagination, or is she an integral part of Joosep that allows him to speak his nonconformist mind. Is she a fiction that was created together with several collaborators or has she always been there: dormant, waiting to be unleashed? By seeing the intimate process of creating Ursula the viewer also gets to meet Joosep. A young performer who has chosen a form of expression that is considered unconventional in this part of the world. Who is Joosep? An artist with a vision and a message or just a clown?

Director - Rūta Pakalne
Producer - Rūta Pakalne
Actors - Joosep Jürgenson, Piret Kaljuste, Siim Tõniste
Instructor(s) - Riho Västrik, Piibe Kolka, Kersti Uibo
Production company -BFM
Distributor - BFM/Kertu Teele Viira
Dialogues - Estonian, English
Subtitles - English

Duration - 26 min.


7.30 PM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Grand Hall


Dir. Susanne Regina Meures (DE)

Two DJ's in Tehran are battling to play the music they love and set up dance parties. Local regime does not look well at harbingers of western culture of decay so the protagonists need to do big decisions.

Director - Susanne Regina Meures
Screenplay - Susanne Regina Meures
Cast - Arash Shadram, Anoosh Rakizade
Music - Blade&Beard, Roland Widmer, Ghazal Shakeri, Stefan Willenebber
Producers - Christian Frei, Anita Wasser

Duration - 86 min.


9 PM Culture Centre of Rokiškis Grand Hall


Dir. Liene Linde (LV)

Short film by Liene Linde (2016, Latvia). A young film director attempts to make her first film using her own sexual experience as an inspiration. As a result, the re-enactment of awkward sex scenes gets mixed with the awkwardness of the low-budget film-making process.

Screened in Future Frames section of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017. Awarded Latvian National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps" as the best student short in 2017.

Director(s) - Liene Linde
Screenwriter(s) - Liene Linde
Producer(s) - Daiga Livčāne
Cinematographer - Dainis Juraga
Editor(s) - Armands Začs, Liene Linde
Sound - Jevgenijs Kobzevs
Dialogues - Latvian
Subtitles - English

Duration - 26 min.


August 29

5.30 PM Independence sq. next to Lithuanian Independence monument (Culture Center of Rokiškis Small Hall)

PERFORMANCE | Festival Creative Residency Program

Daina Dieva, Simonas Nekrošius, Ieva Lapelytė, Vilnius City Dance Theatre Low Air.

Five creators and artists from various fields that temporarily resided in Rokiškis presents you with the fruits of the Festival Creative Residency.

In the performance, you will see Daina Dieva, Simonas Nekrošius, Ieva Lapelytė, Vilnius City Dance Theatre “Low air”.

Duration - 30 minutes.

Daina Pupkevičiūtė sound and performance art artist and educator, one of the founders of the international performance art festival CREATurE Live Art, and curates the industrial culture platform Matters. She translates and writes texts for the Facebook page "The Last Call to Earth", the purpose of which is to provide information related to the climate crisis in Lithuanian.

Together with the anthropology association Anthropos, she organizes and runs workshops for students on the climate crisis, food and consumption. Daina is concerned with environmental activism, community spirit or the possibility of communities in a crisis, alternatives to (conventional) (social) structures, issues of resistance and power, noise and decay.

Daina Pupkevičiūtė / Photo: Karolis Gelažius

„LowAir“ Vilnius City Dance Theatre: (hereinafter - Low Air) is an innovation-seeking young generation dance theatre that combines elements of urban and contemporary dances, performance and physical theatre, through which innovatively creates new syntheses by placing them in social contexts of various communities. One of the main priorities of the theatre is to promote the potential of dance artists and creators, introducing them to a wide audience, thus ensuring the development of the viewers. In 2017, Low Air received an award of Boris Dauguvietis Earring for the successful research of new expressive stage forms in their performances by combining street dance and theatre and for their pedagogical activities that changes the face of Lithuanian contemporary dance & The Young Creator Award, established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

„LowAir“ Vilnius City Dance Theatre / Photo: Laura Vansevičienė

Simonas Nekrošius - interdisciplinary artist, who specializes in the field of sound art, experimental acoustics and electro-acoustic sound instruments and objects. He is particularly interested in Ready-made and DIY concepts. In Simonas works, creativity and the art objects are perceived as a process, therefore the form does usually not define a result, it can change and transform in the flow of time.

In his personal response to unpredictability, an unexpected change of the elements and performance events, Simonas Nekrošius' creates his unique sound performance.

Simonas Nekrošius / Photo: Domas Rimeika

Ieva Lapelytė - dancer, choreographer and teacher; a graduate of Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Education, majoring in dance pedagogy, who has explored different dance styles (vogue, ballroom, jazz and contemporary dance). During the creative process, Ieva, combines different dance styles, traditional customs and mythological aspects, while looking at the performance through the prism of feelings and emotions.

Currently, Ieva works as a freelance dancer and dance teacher at the Rokiškis Choreography School and Rokiškis district Kamajai Antanas Strazdas gymnasium.

Ieva Lapelytė / Photo: Sigitas Daščioras

6 PM Independence sq. next to Lithuanian Independence monument (Culture Center of Rokiškis Small Hall)


Performance – Aliona Kuriakina, Izabelė Visockaitė
Production – Panevėžys theatre „Menas“

“A bit of somekind of virus. A little fire. A little bomb. Someone somewhere got shot, just a bit. Someone saw some aliens. It stinks a bit. We’re a bit suficating. We’re bit drowning; bit of melting; bit uncomfortable; A bit of war. A bit of GRU. A bit not important. A bit of catastrophe. <…> Need to live a little bit…”

Duration – 20 min.

Aliona Kuriakina, Izabelė Visockaitė / Photo: Arvydas Gudas

6.40 PM Independence sq. next to Lithuanian Independence monument (Culture Center of Rokiškis Small Hall)

Extract from the creative process of a dance performance LULU – REBORN

Choreography – Paulius Prievelis
Performance - Ieva Lapelytė

This is a woman. She needs not a man but they come. Why?

Is it how she stands? Is it the dress? <…> This is a woman. A woman conceals a lot. <…>. – French Connection 2009

In the creative process we analyse the experience of feelings and emotions that arises from personal and collective memory or event that is related to the topic of women rights.

In response, we create fictional woman archetype, an apogee of ideality, an image of the collective subconscious and a self-evident model that depends on the prevailing stereotypes in society, but not on personal experience. This type of archetype is common in society, only at different times and forms;
The performance is partly inspired by 2017. March 1 European Parliament ‘Gender pay gap’ debate).

The performance creative process carried out during the artistic residence organized by the Contemporary Dance Association

Residency at Anykščiai Art Incubator

Duration - 20 min.

7 PM Independence sq. next to J. Keliuotis Public Library

Action, performance PANDEMIC, Performance group Archeologai

Action, performance – a contemporary art form of expression that freely reaches the viewer from the stage, city's public spaces and various media. In Lithuanian visual culture, especially in the provinces, the dominating aesthetic is the local "art" or simply said – fairs. The artistic response of the performance group ARCHEOLOGISTS to the local „art” culture is an action, a performance, where the narrative of these artistic processes, bases on sarcasm, irony to the urban grimaces of Lithuanian social and political lifestyle.

Reda and Arūnas Uogintai are the founders of the performance group Archeologai. In the XX cent., at the end of the 9th dec. and the beginning of the 10th Dec. Šiauliai city was one of the main centres of new art or avant-garde art in Lithuania. A community of young artists gathered here, seedlings of alternative culture, video art and performance were established. Archaeologists appeared in this boiling, bubbling avant-garde environment. Props and theatricality, often imitating the format of a show, a spectacle of commercial culture, characterizes their work. The group's "theatricality" has always masked a subtle play with "commercial" images, as well as a "provincial" category, an understanding of beauty and "theatre". A certain “splendour” and sentimentality of these performances raises perhaps more creativity and the associated idealism, pragmatism, social responsibility, formation of hierarchical structures and other issues, destroying the so-called local “art” or simply the influence of trade fair aesthetics.

Idea - Reda and Arūnas Uogintai
Performance - Rega and Arūnas Uogintai
Music - Eugenijus Raugas

Duration – 40 min.

Photo: Reda and Arūnas Uogintai

8 PM 15 Independence sq. „Sodra“ yard (Culture Center of Rokiškis Grand Hall)

A dance performance Z+

Chor. -Agnietė Lisičkinaitė
Production - Dance Theatre Airos

Reality of the third millennium + variety of communication opportunities online + active information flow >> resulting in a unique Z generation

 Doesn’t like strict rules and restrictions | Can’t imagine their life without smart technologies | Interested in innovations + Parents and Teachers

Can’t see a good sides of virtual reality | Allow to sense that reality is much more interesting and lively >> grow up Z generation

Educated innovative thinkers | Ready to make the better world

Idea and choreography - Agnietė Lisičkinaitė
Music composer and performer Žygimantas Gudelis GON
Light designer - Julius Kuršys
Scenographer - Guoda Jarusevičiūtė
Costume designer - Rūta Kyguolytė
Producer AIROS dancer theatre
Recommend for 12-17 years old viewers

Duration - 35 min.

Photo: Laura Vansevičienė